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6-Thinking-Hats-POSTER-1024x768Edward De’bono’s – Six Thinking Hats®

Six Thinking Hats is a simple yet powerful tool which will change the way people interact, think and act.  The system separates the different types of thinking-emotions from facts, positive from negative, critical from creative.  As a result, people look at problems from the same perspective at the same time.

At any moment all thinkers involved are thinking in the same ‘direction.’  The direction is indicated by one or other of the six colored hats.  For example, the White Hat requires an attention to information: what do we have; what do we need; what is missing.  When the Green Hat is in use everyone makes a creative effort: new ideas, alternatives, modifications of an idea, possibilities, provocations, etc.

Edward De Bono’s – Lateral Thinking 

lateral-thinkingToday’s environment demands innovative solutions. Using Dr de Bono’s proven lateral thinking tools, it is a deliberate, systematic process that will result in breakthrough thinking.  Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learned.  It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improve teamwork, productivity and where appropriate – profit.  Today, better quality and better service are essential, but they are not enough.  Creativity and innovation are the only engines that will drive lasting, global success.  A fast, effective tool used to help individuals, companies, and teams solve tough problems and create new ideas, new products, new processes, new services.

You’ll learn how to focus your creative energy and turn problems into opportunities. You’ll learn how to expand your vision and attack problems with more and better ideas to get immediate results. Take on the issues that are hurting your organization – like “the stone in your shoe” – and get rid of them! 

Edward De Bono’s – Simplicity 

9a_simplicity_coverThere are few things more frustrating in work than dealing with complex machinery or cumbersome processes. From complexity comes stress, anxiety, and frustration – even rage – followed by apathy and exit. But you don’t have to be a  victim anymore. Not with de Bono Thinking Systems’ Simplicity.

Simplicity is a new course created by Edward de Bono which is invaluable to companies looking to un-complicate their business processes and thus, their lives. If your organisation wishes to streamline products and processes, thereby becoming more effective, efficient and user-friendly, Simplicity will help you accomplish these goals. Simplicity teaches people to end habits that are no longer necessary, stop duplication of tasks, and challenge every aspect of the business so that they can perform at a higher level in all areas.