Course Info - SMDP - THE CEO

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-21 at 13.04.01The SENIOR MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (SMDP) or aims to expose CEOs and Business Owners to be innovative and make competitive strategy in managing their organisation in this era of globalisation. The program has both practical and classroom experience to equip delegates with anlaytical, strategic, leaderships and innovative skills in designing and charting the direction of their organisation.

The Sydney Graduate School of Management (SGSM) specially put this program for the Asia CEO’s. Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, building your own business or taking a not-for-profit to the next level, this program can help you achieve your aspirations.


The SMDP was designed specifically to address the challenges you will face as a business leader. The course has been structured to let you settle in and complete any gaps in your knowledge, building up to expert-level coursework.

We are inviting all business leaders doesn’t matter if youre the business owner, CEO, CFO, upper management or middle management team from SME’s.  This program is FOR YOU.

Upcoming Date

  • March 2018 – 6 days (fully residential)
  • September  2018 – 6 days (fully residential)
  • November 2018 – 6 days (fully residential)

(The above are tentative dates) 

Well structured which combined the classroom activities and visits. The timing was about right and the interest on subject matter increased as participants coming back from the course

Generally, all facilitators are well organised and well versed in the subject. They were very competent and demonstrated during presentation and discussions.

En. Ab Razak Binti Mustaffa, CEO , Mahkota Manufacturing SB

The structure of the course is well organised. 2 companies visitation were good. It’s good we manage to cover the BCM presentation at the end to share and practice what we have understood. The facilitators involve are very knowledge and enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience with us. A mixture of practitioner and academician expose us to both sides of coin.

Chuang Chenrng Wern, Sourcing & Development, Sydney Cake House Sdn Bhd

It was a good refresher to Business and Marketing classes from University. Rob Wixted’s session made it easy for entry level and novices to understand and grasp the topic. The networking and fostering of relations between the Oz presenters and amongst Malaysians. Because this programme is geared towards CEO’s Directors, most of the presenters being actual practises are great. The lecturers appreciated the differences between Australia and Malaysia business world and people.

Jerome Heah Kay Hwei, Director, 3R Quest SB

The Business Model Canvas is a very useful tools for quickly formulating and vetting business ideas.

Mr. Kong Lih Shan, Director, Eng Peng Cold Storage SB

The Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas very practical and easy to understand.

Mr. Paul Druce, Managing Director, Qasturie Offshore Engineering SB